19 Cake Smash Photoshoot Tips For Moms

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19 Cake Smash Photoshoot Tips For Moms

Cake Smash Photos have become extremely popular over the past couple years. Normally we’re trying to keep our babies clean and out of trouble but this is your chance to let them be wild and free with a cake.

Below are all the tips we could suggest to ensure your cake smash photoshoot is the best experience for you and your child.

General Tips

Tip #1 - Be Open To Whatever Happens - Go With The Flow

The best photos can be captured in those moments when your child is really excited or engaged on the cake and the mess they are making. Let them go and enjoy the process.

Tip #2 - Schedule The Shoot About A Month Ahead Of First Birthday

Calling your cake smash photographer and booking the shoot about a month before your child's birthday is better than having the shoot on the actual birthday. If you have it early you can display the images at the birthday party. Also, having the photoshoot on the day of the party will only add stress to you and your little one may be more anxious.

Tip #3 - Schedule The Shoot When Your Baby Is More Awake And Happy

Pick a time when your little one is most happy. That might be an hour after waking or a few hours before nap time. You want them to be their most active and content.

Tip #4 - Bring Some Toys

To help your child be distracted and entertained while setup is happening to bring some toys or something to keep them occupied.

Tip #5 - Practice Makes Better

A couple times before the photo shoot, layout a clean table cloth and sit on the floor with your little one and enjoy a cupcake. Get them used to the process so when it comes time for the photoshoot it’s not so foreign to them and they’ll feel really comfortable “playing with their food” in that situation.

Scene Tips

Tip #6 - Pick A Neutral Background, Consider Some Simple Props

It’s ideal to have a plan, white or neutral background. This will help the colours of the cake, accessories and outfit pop and create great looking images. Balloons or banners always add a nice pop of colour. Depending on what theme you choose, pick items that are simple but pop with complimentary or matching colours.

Tip #7 - Coordinate Outfit With Cake Colours

The cutest pictures come when everything is coordinated. Try matching any colours in your child's outfit with colours in the cake as well as the accessories.

Tip #8 - Put Your Baby On The Floor

These almost always produce the best shots cause they’ll get the cake everywhere… and that’s exactly what we want! Avoid using plastic high chairs or other plastic seats. Exception: Antique wooden or white coloured seats can look great in some cases. Think quality and style.

Tip #9 - Pick A Theme

What does your little one like most? Pick something that goes with their character. Are they into animals? Do they love a certain color? Do balloons fascinate them? Picking a theme that they enjoy will help to enhance the experience for them...and make great memories for you.

Cake Tips

Tip #10 - Buttercream Is The Way To Go!

Don’t use fondant on the cake. It’s too hard for your baby to smash around and won’t get all over the place as butter cream or whip cream would. Go with a frosting that’s light and easy to make a mess with.

Tip #11 - Serve Your Cake At Room Temperature

Baby may not want to touch or eat a cake that is too cold and the icing will be a little more on the hard side. A nice room temperature warm cake will be easier to eat and smash all over.

Tip #12 - Avoid Red & Brown and White Icing Colours, Go With Pastels or Bright Colours

White can be hard to photograph because it can cause a glare. Red smashed all over a baby may look like a cute version of Chucky, but probably not what you want for your photos. Brown...well ..we think that might look crappy. ;) Some colours stain more than others so beware of this when choosing colours and outfits. Best to stick with brights or pastels.

Tip #13 - Request Natural Food Colourings

If possible and your cake maker can do it, choose a natural food colouring for the cake. If not, be aware that skin reactions that could happen. It might be worth a quick test a few days before just to make sure.

Tip #14 - Be Sure Nothing Else Is In The Cake

Avoid any hard pieces in the cake. Sometimes cake makers use sticks or other plastic devices to help the cake have support. Keep it simple with just cake and frosting.

Tip #15 - Bigger Isn’t Better When It Comes To Cake Size

Remember your little one is...well… little. A huge 12” double layer cake will overpower him or her. Stick with around 6” or smaller so it doesn’t overpower your baby. He/She’s the star of the show. The cake is the supporting actor in this play.

Tip #16 - Custom Cakes Or Even A Large Cupcake

We suggest getting a custom cake made just for this occasion. As we already mentioned you can order something that goes with your theme. An alternative is an oversized cupcake. If you can’t find a small cake stand, try using a large candle holder as a stand.

Custom elements or sprinkles always look good and can add to your theme bringing all the pieces together.

Tip #17 - Beware of Allergies

Be sure that your child doesn’t have any allergies to any of the cake ingredients. This is probably something you already know so be sure to communicate that with your cake maker.

Mess & Clean Up Tips

Tip #18 - Be Prepared For A Mess

It’s very possible that the outfit(s) worn can be ruined so be prepared for that. Have baby wipes, paper towels, facecloths, zip lock bags (if in studio) etc handy. Be prepared to put baby directly in bathtub when the shoot is over. Also, have stain remover on hand for clothing or use methods here.

Tip #19 - Extra Clothes Would Be Good (For Both Of You)

Bring your baby in one outfit and then two for the shoot. We also recommend bringing one for yourself as well. At the end of it you may need to change your clothes as well.

Additional ideas for baby clothing during the shoot are bare bellies, tutus, onesies or jeans.

Theme Ideas for Cake Smash Photoshoot

Birthday Theme - the obvious

Ladybugs, Butterflies




Dr. Seuss


Mickey or Minnie Mouse


Race cars

Disney films

Whatever theme, cake, outfit or location you choose, following our tips above will help you to have an enjoyable day with your child and create some terrific memories. Remember you can plan as much as possible but when it comes time for the smash, just let your child be free. That will create the best pictures. Choosing a photographer from Galaxy Photoz gives you peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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