3 Tips Take Group Shots

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3 Tips Take Group Shots
1. Location, location, location : Choose a location where your entire group will fit comfortably, with enough light and with minimal distractions in the background. It's also nice to pick a place that will have give some sort of context or meaning to the pictures.
2. Don't follow the group: when everyone is trying to land the same pose we tend to look at those who look the best. Instead add some life to your group shots by having fun, being relaxed and have a few mixed poses. This will give the picture more areas of interest to look at and capture everyone's personality.
3. understanding proportion: Anything closer to the camera will appear bigger, therefore keep this in mind when wanting to accentuate or hide certain features.
Most important is to remember that these pictures are meant to bring your work family together and highlight all of you as a team. Have fun and this will definitely come across. 
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This was a fun day in King City
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last year
Corporate shots really bring the team together #WorkFam
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last year
Great tips and awesome corporate photo shot :)
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