5 Centerpiece Ideas for an Indian wedding

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5 Centerpiece Ideas for an Indian wedding


- You can take a Hindu tradition decor, and add flowers curtains because not many western wedding have this type of design. So you will have a unique design at your wedding. You most see lots of flowers at Indians weddings, and color scheme is mostly bright colors from red to orange.


- Adding umbrella in the center of the tables adds a beautiful and unique design to your wedding and mostly at some Indians weddings.


- Creating flower sculptures of animals is a unique design at Indian wedding and can be placed anywhere from the tables or the front entrance. It would be also great for taking photos with.


-  Another great idea is having a tree branch with candles on them adds a romantic feel to the wedding.   

- Having candles a an essential decor, and you most like see them at an Indian wedding. A typical centerpiece is having a tray of candles, that has a design that is known in the Hindu tradition.

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last year
great ideas! umbrellas are so unique, you never see them at western weddings and with the right theme it would look super cute!