5 Things To Give Your Newborn

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5 Things To Give Your Newborn

Here are 5 Things To Give Your Newborn


OMG, you’re having a baby. You’re probably really excited and pretty nervous – I mean, what do you do with a baby anyway? There are tons of parenting manuals, but who do you trust? And what the hell is a diaper genie?


I’ve taken to the mean streets of diapers and toddlers and asked 3 sets of veteran parents on the top 5 things to give your newborn.


Now some items on this list will seem self-explanatory but these are the top 5 essentials that you definitely should not overlook.


1. Pacifiers

This one is a major life-saver according to all moms. Some babies star teething as early as 3 months - the pacifier helps to soothe the fussing and temperament of a child in pain.


2. Onesies

While one might assume that a baby might go through 1 or 2 a day, some parents have reported changing their baby as much as up to 7 times a day. Also remember to use baby-safe detergents, as their skin is super sensitive.


3. Gripe Water

Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea what this even was. According to one of our supermoms this is essential when it comes to soothing a gassy or colicky baby. It may also be beneficial to look up the rules to burping babies and how to handle your child after they’ve fed.


4. An Infant tub

While some new parents believe that the kitchen sink is just fine, I’ve been informed that an infant tub is much safer and practical for your baby. The plus side being that you can also take the tub anywhere. Just make sure any tub you use is BPA free.


5. Guess what #5 is
Well a Car Seat is given but how about a Newborn Photo Shoot? The best time to plan your new born photography is within the 1st 10 days. Galaxy Photoz is know for having some of the top maternity and newborn photographers in Toronto and the GTA

And lastly, when I asked what advice these veteran parents would give to new moms and dads-to-be they said : be patient and try your best not to freak out over the small stuff. Create a support system and make sure you take time for yourself.


Oh, and one more thing … have your mom on speed dial!