A Luck Filled Photoshoot for St Patrick's Day Toronto

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A Luck Filled Photoshoot for St Patricks Day Toronto

St Patricks Day Toronto

By Galaxy Photoz


Planning on having a St.Patrick's Day Event Photo Shoot?

Make sure to include these three things:


1. The Shamrock

Legend has it that the three-leafed clovers, native to Ireland, was chosen as Ireland’s national symbol because St. Patrick had used it to represent the holy trinity.


2.Celtic Cross

Before Christianity, Druidism was a popular Irish religion that believed in sun worship. According to folklore St. Patrick incorporated the Sun into the cross to illustrate to the lord’s place over all.


3. Everything Green #GreenBeer

Since the 19th century, Ireland has made its national color green. Known as the ‘emerald isle’, Ireland is believed to be lush in foliage or “40 shades of Green”.

Now that you have everything, Phone us and we'll send a lass, I mean photographer, right over! Cheers!
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3 years ago
I love this!
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3 years ago
Exciting!. Cant wait