Destination Wedding

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Destination Wedding

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Photographer!

When having a destination wedding most couples will choose to hire photographers from the resort and while that may be easier, it’s not necessarily better. Here’s why you should pack your photographer along with your sunscreen.


Can you really trust the resort?

Yes, your day is supposed to be a wild adventure… but for you, not the photographer. More often then not, resort photographers can be inexperienced or might be paying the resort a commission for their referrals. Depending on where you go as well your photographer may not always be able to communicate or understand your needs.


What If an Emergency Comes Up

You will have trust in the fact that your photographer can answer your questions and concerns before and after the wedding. Hiring from a local service destination wedding photographer can ensure that no matter what comes up, you will be able to reach out to them whenever you need them. You’re also probably going to want to discuss details of the wedding and the feeling you want to capture, having someone close by makes this so much easier.


Do they have credentials

The Galaxy Photoz wedding division Drastic Images is because we have a serious screening process for our photographers. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can frame the shot. Make sure your pictures leave you as speechless as you felt on your wedding day. Leanne Ferguson speaks about wedding photographer more in her bio.

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Having a destination wedding photographer is way better than using the resort ones
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great that you mention the pros and cons to using the resort photographer
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Abby you are wrong again.. Guess again!
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Punta Cana I bet!