Do’s and Dont's for your “Trashing The Dress” Photo Shoot

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Tips for your Trashing The Dress Photo Shoot


1. Don’t actually ruin your dress, unless you want to: You spent countless hours, tears and dollars looking for that perfect dress so make sure that whatever you choose to do for your photo session doesn’t leave you in tears, crying over lost lace. Trashing the dress doesn’t actually to ‘trash’ your dress. Get creative and choose locations or props that won’t permanently stain that perfect shade of cream.


2. Don’t Hold Back, Get Messy: The best photos come out of sessions where the bride and groom go wild. Have a mud fight. Have a water paint fight. Go Surfing. Bring tons of props that go with your theme. Anything that lets you run wild will make for fun and unique pictures.


3.  Do Your hair and Makeup: Hey, if I woke up looking like Gigi Hadid everyday maybe I wouldn’t get my hair and makeup done, but I don’t (maybe you do… this is why I’m not married yet), and I’m probably going to want to send these pictures to everyone. Avoid any regrets by making sure you look exactly how you want before the shoot.


4. Don’t be afraid to get a little sexy: You know all those really cute and sensual photos you see of couples together on Pintrest that make you go, “Aww, I wish I had a picture like that”? THAT CAN BE YOU NOW. Remember that these pictures are meant as special keepsakes and mementos of your love.


5. Do book your shoot a few days after the wedding: The week after your wedding, you’re probably going to still be nursing a wicked hangover and lets be real, your probably still going to get all googly eyed when you look at your dress. Booking a few days later gives you and your groom ample time to prepare ahead and make sure your schedule is clear so you land the best pictures ever.


6. Do hire a professional: Lucky for you, you’re already on our site! I mean you could totally DIY this but you’re going to be really jealous when your cousin hires us and you see the results. There’s so much that goes on behind the camera and a professional will be able to capture all the fine details that will make your photo really pop.


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Level 2 (XP: 460)
last year
This is an awesome idea to do for a photo-shoot :)
Level 6 (XP: 2160)
last year
I wonder if I could put some kind of flame retardent coating ... a fire ball dress would be so cool in pictures
Reply by Galaxy Photoz
last year
I can only imagine! We have not done this before...Safety first!