Hindu Wedding Photographer in Toronto

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Hindu Wedding Photographer in Toronto

If you haven’t noticed yet we at Galaxy Photoz love all things wedding related, so today we thought we’d look at one of our favorite bridal rituals from around the world, the Mehndi Ceremony. Mehndi is just one out of the sixteen adornments that Indian and Hindu brides are given to complete their look for their special day.


Typically the mehndi is applied to the bride’s hands and feet in a colourful and joyous ceremony, with the bride’s family, a day before the wedding. The henna is meant to symbolize various things. It is popular belief that the darker the colour looks, the deeper the bond between the couple and the understanding between bride and mother-in-law. It is also said that the richer the colour, the stronger the groom’s love for the bride.


Traditions are a beautiful way to honour and show your culture. Be sure to come to Galaxy Photoz for an Indian wedding photographer to capture all those intricate henna details.

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such a pretty mehndi design in the image
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I wish i could incorporate this into my own wedding
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