Holiday Event Photographer Tips

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Holiday Event Photographer Tips

Holiday Event Photographer Tips


With holidays just around the corner you’re probably starting to freak out. Parents coming to town, what gifts to buy, what food and who to invite where.


It can be a lot to plan, so we’ve sat down with a few of our top holiday photographers and asked them for their holiday tips.


1. If you’re planning a party, have a theme.

One thing all good event planners know is that the whole party starts with the theme. This theme allows you to play around with different elements of your event while still making sense.


2. Make it personal

The holidays are about spending time with those you love and letting them know how much they mean to you. Make your party as big or small as you want, but make sure you have your time with everybody - after all, they came to see you. Other ways to make everyone feel special is by including personal touches in your decor.


3. Food

What are the holidays without food?


4. Take lots of pictures

Whether it be your crazy uncle with the over-the-top camera or if you choose to hire one of our professional photographers, make sure you take advantage of it. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to get everyone you love in one picture. 

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