How to find a Corporate Event Photographer

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How to find a Corporate Event Photographer
1. When a company is hosting a corporate event, there are many things that goes into planning one. First you would have to find a venue to host the event , some companies like having the events at their office, which is fine, but having an event outside the office can be a lot of fun.
2. There are many venues and place that host lots of events in the GTA. To capture the big event, hire the right photographer, so you can have the best memories of the event. Setting up the event is important because you would have to make the venue looks nice with decorations, signage of the business name because that would look good in photos.
3. The next step is having food served at the event. It's good to get a catering company that has different types food. Sometimes it's a good idea to pre plan what everyone is eating, just in case some people have allergies or if some are vegetarian.
4. Once everything is done, you need to let the guest that are going to the event know what to wear, because if someone comes in just in a jean and t-shirt, and the other person comes in a business attire, then the photos are going to look a little disorganized. Most corporate events are business attire, so let all the guest know what the dress code is, so then you will have a lots of great and professional photos.
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Corporate events can be a bit dull, but having to take pictures can really lighten the mood and get coworkers bonding...great tips!