How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

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a) Ask a friend for a referral
b) Google search online
c) Contact Galaxy Photoz. We vet them

Lets go deeper...
If you choose c) you chose the right answer.

a) asking a friend is the ideal way to get a character review on a photographer but lets be honest most of your friends have not hired a professional photographer before.

b) Google searching means that you've found someone who is good at search engine optimization or paid someone to do it for them. What is more important SEO skills or photography skills?

c) Galaxy Photoz is launching a new marketplace. Some are calling it the UBER for photographers. While the new platform is not ready yet we've been around since 2008 and have lots of qualified photographers on board already.
If you are looking to see more of our or local wedding photography visit and book a free consultation.
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These were all in Toronto
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last year
I wish I found you guys last year. I had a nightmare of a photographer... Almost had to sue to see our images!
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last year
hiring qualified photographers just got easier :)
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last year
galaxy photoz makes it so easy #TechBlessed
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This is great for anyone who really cares about having a great experience. There are loads of more tips over at