How to Hold your Wedding Photographer Accountable

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How to Hold your Wedding Photographer Accountable

Hold your Wedding Photographer Accountable


At Galaxy Photoz, we believe that any wedding photographer you choose to capture your biggest moments should be held accountable for what was promised. At Galaxy Photoz we promise a fast, safe and reliable service for our customers. For those of you who don’t use our services however, should be aware of a few key elements to discuss with whomever you’ve contracted.


#1: Collection of payment

Now I can’t speak for other companies, but Galaxy Photoz promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee on non event photographer. If the pictures do not meet certain standards we will send out a different photographer to capture exactly what you need.


#2: Art Direction

You probably have some sort of idea of what you would like your photographs to reflect. Whether it be a theme or even just certain poses you want, you’ll want to indicate this all beforehand with your photographers. Lucky for you, Galaxy Photoz has a live chat where you’ll be able to shoot us a question at anytime.


#3: Credentials

At Galaxy Photoz, all photographers offered have been rigorously vetted and tested to ensure the highest of quality in our crew. Any photographer you choose should have a portfolio with previous work for you to look through. Nothing is worst then being stuck paying for less than appealing photographs.

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credentials are soo important. anyone can pretend to be a photographer