How to Pick a Wedding Venue

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How to Pick a Wedding Venue

 Things to consider choosing a wedding dress.

When it comes to picking a wedding venue, there are 7 things you should ask yourself.


1. Can I afford this place?


2. Can all my guests fit comfortably in here?


3. Does the layout fit my needs?


4. How far/close is this place to the church? Home base?


5. What are the catering limitations?


6. Is the space available for the day I want?


7. Does this place fit my wedding theme?


It’s also good to keep in mind that any space can be decorated into your dream space. Sometimes, it may be wiser to comprise looks for practicality. After all, our Wedding photographers will ensure that any space looks like a lavish photo shoot location.

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last year
tents are a great option too ... on a clear night it would be so nice
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last year
these are some great tips to think about when choosing a venue, there are many different locations to do yours wedding rather its indoors or outdoors