How to prepare for a cake smash photo shoot

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How to prepare for a cake smash photo shoot

Cake Smash 101: Tips for Cake Smash Photo Shoots


The basic idea is that you leave a baby with a cake and let them go wild!


It’s one of the newest trends in baby photography and one of the cutest photo sessions you will ever see.  Cake smashes are climbing to gain a spot as one of the “must have” photo shoots to complete your newborn’s first year baby album.


LET THEM EAT CAKE: Things to Keep in Mind

Allergies: First and foremost you want to make sure that your little one enjoys every second of their photography session, and safety is your number one priority.  Make sure you know exactly what goes into your child’s cake, as they cannot eat the same things you can and be sure to bring an EPI pens if your child has them.


Design: Choose a cake that fits your theme and don’t worry about getting a big cake, a small one works just the same. The design doesn’t have to be too intricate, but keep in mind that you will probably be shooting the cake from different angles. Some parents choose to go with cake stands and while they are very pretty, they may tip over during the shoot… But hey, if that happens, it’s okay! The messier the cake gets the better!


Practice: Babies can be timid to try new things (I’m no baby and I’m picky too) so try a few practice rounds at home with a small cake or a cupcake. Sometimes it helps to bring your child’s favorite snack and put some around the cake just to get them going at the photo shoot.




Items to pack in your clean up kit


- Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes

- Paper towels

- Extra clothes for all family attending

- A small baby tub and towels galore

- Garbage bags

Most important : Have fun, let them be messy & enjoy every second.
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last year
Such an adorable photoshoot :) ... I wish I had an cakesmash shoot when I was little
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i wish i had a cake smash when i was little
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Do a #CakeSmash when your baby turns one!