How To Prepare Your Office Space For a Corporate Headshot Photo Shoot

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How To Prepare Your Office Space For a Corporate Headshot Photo Shoot

When it comes to having corporate pictures taken, every detail counts. So, we sat down with a few of our Toronto photographers to get some clarity on exactly how to prepare your office space for a corporate headshot Photo Shoot


Here are our 4 easy Galaxy-certified tips for prepping your photo location:


1. KEEP IT CLEAN: most professional photographers have cameras that capture even the smallest pores on your face. Assume they can the dirt on the counter as well.


2.BE PREPARED: ensure you give everyone in your office advance notice as they will probably want to water their plants and clear their desks. Nobody wants to take a picture next to a pile of files and junk food wrappers. It also helps to have a list of the spaces you want to shoot in and what kind of images you want your photographer to capture


3. NATURAL LIGHT IS BEST: You’ll want to time your shoot sometime just after sunrise or just before sunset. Who knew the office could look like a beach getaway?


4. FURNITURE STAGING: Play around with your office furniture or rent some sofas and tables that will give your office that modern, cool vibe that savvy tie wearers are all about. Bonus points if you can incorporate your business colours. 

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last year
furniture staging is so easy and can make a big difference
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awesome tips :) and its great to have a nice clean office when taking the photos