Leanne Ferguson

Leanne Ferguson
7 Things You may not know about Leanne Ferguson
Get to know professional photographer and CEO Leanne Ferguson

1. She's a founder under 30.
While there are not many female founders under 30 in the tech space Ms Leanne Ferguson is one of them.

2. Leanne lived in Miami Florida for 5 years.
She was born in Miami Florida, well, almost. Technically born in Toronto, Canada, but conceived in Florida state.

3. She is the youngest of 4 (full) siblings.
She has many siblings, but while being the youngest of 4 fully biological siblings, she has been able to learn a lot from their mistakes growing up.

4. Leanne's a teacher!
Over 10 photographers have interned with her at Galaxy Photoz. They accept interns every summer.

5. She currently lives in Toronto.
Although she travels for months at a time so see family in Florida, her home is still Toronto Canada.
6. Leanne is very candid.
Not an open book, but very candid indeed. Learn more about how she became the woman she is today on her Toronto wedding photography website here.
7. She became an Entrepreneur at just 19 years old.
She registered the name of now On-Demand Photography Platform Galaxy Photoz at the young age of 19. At the time of purchasing the name, she knew she would have a Galaxy of Photographers one day.
Photographers are constantly joining the platform and you can too.
That's only IF you have what it takes. Join here
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3 years ago
Leanne Ferguson is professional who is honest, accountable and exudes integrity.

In a world where the above traits are lacking amongst professional photographers and business owners, I recommend Leanne Ferguson to take care of all your photography needs.
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3 years ago
I am absolutely loving the campaign and I am sharing it.