Leanne Ferguson Speaks Out

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Leanne Ferguson Speaks Out
Leanne Ferguson Speaks Out
About 3 Things you should ask your photographer.

1. Is the photographer vetted and by whom?
In Canada, the PPOC screens photographers in numerous categories, except Headhots for some reason. This is a great way to qualify your photographer. However, there are some pitfalls. The process takes long and they do not host reviews of photographers. That leads me to number two.

2. Are the photographer's online reviews legitimate?
While online review platforms like Yelp, Google, and Weddingwire are great indicators, they do not prevent users from posting self-generated reviews from multiple email accounts. In cases like this, you still need to ask the photographer for references that you can contact. Try asking the photographer for references of the names you found on their reviews. Another option would be to use a platform that only allows reviews from paying customer. UBER is a good example of this. The services provider's star rating is shown to be a true representation because they are user reviews only. The new Galaxy Photoz App will provide these unbias reviews for you.

3. Is your deposit safe???
I hate to be negative, but there are tons of known stories about photographers disappearing with deposits. Obviously, situations like this are horrifying but what could be worst. What if the photographer dies? That is a legitimate excuse not to deliver the images. But how will you get your deposit back? There would have to be a middleman. You're going to want to support a company whose core values are 3x integrity. Galaxy Photoz will be crowdfunding on April 17th at Indiegogo.com and it promises to be a kickstarter that will have you flying drones.

An all in one solution that qualifies photographer, host reviews, and allows for safe bookings can be found at Galaxy Photoz. Stay tuned for the app release.
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