New Years Resolution

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New Years Resolution
New Years Resolution
Usually it's about how much we want to change our bodies, our jobs, our lives.
And usually we've given up by week two.
Maybe this year instead of a resolution to change, we should start a revolution to accept. Accept our bodies, our jobs, our lives. I mean, what's so bad about them anyway? Although, i'm one to talk - I spend most of the year obsessing over how others see me and my life. It's hard to remember that our lives are supposed to be for ourselves. Not for our bosses who are mean, or those who don't appreciate our natural beauty. 
So this year, I challenge us to embrace. Make a resolution to love yourself the way you are (I mean, we think babies are perfect.
Sure, we can strive to be perfect, but we're all just human. We are flawed, and that is what makes us beautiful.
A cool resolution would be to do a photo shoot each month and make a calendar with it the following year. Book a photo shoot and we'll show you why you're beautiful.
No matter what you do next year, just make sure you look out for yourself too.
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