Pros and Cons of using a Wedding planner VS Doing it Yourself DIY

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Pros and Cons of using a Wedding planner VS Doing it Yourself DIY

Using A Toronto Wedding planner VS Doing it Yourself DIY (Doing it Yourself)


Are you the DIY type or the let-someone-else-handle-it type? Weddings can be super stressful to plan, but lucky for you we’ve put together an easy pros and cons list to help you decide if using a wedding planner is really for you.



- you can breathe knowing someone else is on top of it. Especially when you’ve got work, family and wedding appointments to keep up.

- Your planner probably has tons of ideas to fit any wedding size or budget

- They’re in the know… what is there to know? EXACTLY

- If something goes wrong they have to fix it, not you! (perfect for playing the blame game)




- If you’re a control freak, you have to give up some of your power … sorry, queen!

-  Toronto wedding planners also cost money, something to consider if you’re on a strict budget

- your wedding may end up being less DIY then you’d like. But don’t worry you can still be Pinterest-wory!

- You may feel detached from the planning or the planner. Make sure you pick someone who you really connect to.

- Your partner might like the planner’s ideas better … awkward

Planners can make the process a lot less stressful, it just depends how involved you want to be.
It can be great if work is really busy, if you're on a tight schedule or if you're really indecisive and your hubby is just NOT getting the difference between off-white and egg-white.
thankfully you're photography service can be totally DIY, just hop on over to our bridal department and book your day. No planner needed.