Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot Tips 101

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Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot Tips 101

Toronto Surprise Proposal

By Galaxy Photoz

I mean, I know you’re probably freaking out since you’re girlfriend keeps dropping hints that she would “JUST DIE” for a surprise proposal photo shoot, but I promise that Galaxy Photoz makes it super easy.


Just follow these steps and we’ll get through this together!


1. Pick a day – any day: With Galaxy Photoz 5 minute booking service you can have a photographer ready at anytime.


2. Chat with our team 24/7: you’ll want to make sure that you have the plans timed out perfectly and our round-the-clock online chat allows you to relay any game plan changes to your team ASAP!


3. Make sure you’re both dressed up: Obviously you always think she’s beautiful, but she’ll probably want to send these pictures to everyone … and she’ll kill you if she’s wearing her pajamas.


With all the heat you’re probably feeling about all the right words to say, keep it simple and let Galaxy Photoz light your way.


Just tell her she means everything to you and let us capture all those happy tears.

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