The Alternative to Checking Photographer Reviews

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The Alternative to Checking Photographer Reviews

Galaxy Photoz is the alternative to Checking Photographer Reviews. We take pride in having a roster of highly trained and qualified photographers. We built that roster by putting all applicants through a written test and a critical examination of their portfolios.


Lucky for all you shining stars of Galaxy Photoz, the review process has been done for you. But if you aren’t one of our clients and need help taking a critical look at a portfolio, here’s two key elements to look at.



Yes, that Pinterest photo you saved would be really cute to recreate for your wedding too, but at the end of the day don’t you want pictures that capture the uniqueness of you and your hubby? You want pictures that make people want stop and stare.


Technical Excellence

You’ll want too keep a look out for things like blurry images, too much light or just general awkwardness of a photograph. You’ll want to see pictures with balance and clear subject.