Tips on Landing a Great Portrait

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Tips on Landing a Great Portrait

1. Your look is key: having polished hair and make-up make a big difference. When taking professional photographs, the cameras pick up a lot more detail and therefore can make those eyeliner smudges and fly-aways much more noticeable.


2. Practice makes perfect: I know it may seem silly, but I’m sure at least half of you have posed in front of the mirror at some point before. Practicing your poses can help you feel more confident on the day of your shoot because it will give you some idea of what looks you are projecting to the camera. Practicing will also help you find your best angles!


3. Angle your face: facing the camera dead-on can make your face appear larger/wider as it creates an absence of shadows. It is best to tilt your chin slightly upward or downward.


4. Twist the body and pose the arms: twisting the body will create the illusion of a waistline, while posing arms away from the body will help avoid the look of bigger arms.

When you contact ask your photographer for more posing tips before your photo shoot
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great tips! now i just need to learn how to smize
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