Top 10 Reasons to hire a RMT Doula

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Top 10 Reasons to hire a RMT Doula

Top 10 Reasons to hire a RMT DOULA


  1. RMT Doula's have been specifically trained to use massage techniques that will reduce your pain during contractions and labour.
  2. They provide massage therapy during your pregnancy which will reduce pain, relax muscles, and relieve stress.
  3. Doula costs are partially or fully covered (depending on your individual plan) by your benefits for Registered Massage Therapy.
  4. Some Doula's like Atinama offer discounted rates for prenatal massage therapy clients.
  5. Women have reduced fear leading up to the birth experience knowing that they have someone they can always depend on.
  6. Both parents feel more supported during the birth experience with a Doula present.
  7. Partners feel more involved in the birthing process, as they are taught massage techniques to help the expecting Mother.
  8. There is a significant decrease in the use of unnecessary medical interventions when a Doula is there to support the Mother.
  9. Expecting Mothers have somebody they can always talk to and feel heard. Doula service providers like Atinama offer 24 hour on-call support via text, phone and email.
  10. RMT Doula's also offer a Post natal check up within 1 week after birth which includes a massage session.

Feel free to contact Registered Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Therapist and Birth Doula and Labour Support Provider, Monica Durante for a  free consultation 647.501.2495

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