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Toronto Photographer Reviews

Toronto Photographer Reviews - Galaxy Photoz 


I finally saw the pics on the big screen! Lol and not just on my iPhone an I have to say they were amazing!!! Your seriously talented lady! You made the pictures look so .... I don't even know what word to use... Exotic! Lol I can't wait to see ur intern's work too!”
-Atusa - See Atusa's Photography Shoot


“Hey Leanne! I went threw them all! There looking wicked, I put the ones i liked in a sharing folder with you, i hope it works! Let me know when you've got it.”

-Kassi - See Kassi's Model Photo shoot


"Sorry for the late reply, just got to Poland little bit of a whirlwind right before getting here! I've looked at the pictures--Ahh so cool! I'm super excited, I really had no idea what to expect and how I would end up looking in them, but I like them!

It was great working with you too and meeting the other interns, the beach day was a lot of fun and definitely a learning curve (I've been practicing my faces aha!). I'm excited to come come back after this trip and shoot some more, be it the calendar shoot or the clothing line :) In regards to the prints and comp cards what do you recommend? I was thinking I would wait towards the end of the summer and hopefully have more images before picking prints or a comp card to fill my portfolio.
My favourite picture is the one were I'm sitting up in the water with my hair slicked back!
Thanks again.” 
-Anya - See Anya's Beach Day Photo Shoot


"Just got a look at some of the pictures (still waiting for some to load). I love them!
It was a great experience working with you, Shawn, Tal and Aya. You guys were very professional yet helpful. I look forward to working with you all in the future."

-Dee - See Dee's Model Portfolio


"Thanks so much! I had lots of fun as well.I showed my parents the proofs and they really liked them. :) I took a look at the pictures and they look great! I look forward to seeing the rest. I had a great time, and the location was pretty good as well. It was an organized shoot over-all, and everything was good from the selected date, to the weather, the scenery, and photographers. I liked Galaxy Photoz on Facebook and followed you on twitter! :)
So once again thanks again for a great shoot. I leave soon and will try and check my e-mail while in Europe, but I will be back on September the 1st. Thanks for a great time!”

-Shivali -See Shivali's Fashion Photo Shoot


“Hey there so feedback wise it was a fun experience working with the different photographers. It also makes the whole process a lot easier and more professional when the photographers are decisive with what they want. The bluffs was a great place to do the photo shoot, enjoyed the lighting there as well as the background. Would say all the photographers had a good energy and overall had a good time.”

- Ebony -See Ebony's Fashion Photo Shoot

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I saw this picture in b&w on instagram #Love
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last year
great feedback. Seems like everyone loves the GP team #StarQuality
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New and old thank you for your feedback
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