UBER For Photographers Launches in Toronto

UBER For Photographers Launches in Toronto
The App You’ve Been Waiting For
If you, or anyone you know have ever had a poor experience with a photographer you will want to keep reading this.

Although it is sad, sometimes photographers disappear with deposits, produce poor images or even withhold images. NOW there is a middle man named Galaxy Photoz.

Deposits are held until you accept your images
All the photographers are vetted and professionals
There are 9 types of photography to choose from
This is for on-demand same day and future bookings
You get matched to a photographer as fast as UBER
The Mobile app and new website in launching this summer

In 10 days from today Galaxy Photoz Inc is doing a prelaunch campaign on Indiegogo

Perks include:
Photo shoots
Photo gifts
Dinner with the founder
Selfie Sticks
And more…

Please put April 17th on your calendar and bookmark www.go.galaxyphotoz.com and help support the company that is going to make the process of hiring a photographer fun, easy and safe.