Unique Bachelorette Party ideas

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Unique Bachelorette Party ideas: You’ve picked the wedding date, invites are done and now it’s time to plan some bridal fun


1. Figure Drawing Class: find the hottest naked model you can and let your imaginations go wild. We've been told that the inner artist really comes out.


2. Camping Bachelorette Party: Grab your tents and head up north for great outdoors. Perfect for busy brides who would love a weekend trip


3.Bartending Bachelorette Party: A night of drinking is usually the routine. Kick it up a notch by learning how to mix your own crazy concoctions. Even better, create a signature wedding drink!


4. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt: Take your wedding photographer and run around town finding people, objects and places for your bride (throw in a few funny dares too). You can make it as wild as you’d like and they’ll be plenty of photo ops!

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last year
i would love to learn to make m own drinks
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last year
I love the idea of the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, that was one looks like so much fun