Wedding Photography Tips

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Wedding Photography Tips
Wedding Photography Tips:
All top photographers do these things effortless
Tip 1:
 Shoot the rings! Every shot you take should be taken with the wedding book in mind. That being said the rings, flowers, shows, venue, hair pieces, accessories are important.
Tip 2:
The parents! Huge hint... They'll be sitting in the front row. Everyone sitting in the front row is important. Memorize their faces and be sure to get pictures of them alone and with the bride and groom through out the night
Tip 3:
 Guests from out of town. The bride and groom won't necessarily think to tell you who came in from out of time. They have tons of other things on their mind. That is your job. If they are not sitting in the front row I guarantee you the front row can point them out for you ;)
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Great tips .. you can never over look any small detail
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