What to Do After You Get Engaged

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What to Do After You Get Engaged

1. Tell everyone, I know you’re dying to anyway


2. Insure your ring: it’s worth it


3. Set Up an engagement photo shoot


4. Make your guest list: knowing how many people you have is pretty critical to a lot of key wedding elements


5. Pick the day: it’ll be one of the biggest and best days of your life  


6. Set your budget: and attempt to stick to it


7. Pick a venue: Remember that even if you can’t afford a mansion you can decorate any venue to be as beautiful as you always imagined


8. Choose your wedding party: you’ll want to a have a great support system with you every step of the way.


9. Get inspired: Pinterest is a great place for ideas… even better, follow our Pinterest board for tons of bridal hair, décor and beauty inspiration.

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last year
how does one pick a day ... id be so worried about weather
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last year
Great tips :) and cute picture
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This is one of my favorites and it was shot right after the Jays went into the 11th inning!