What to get her on Valentines Day... A photo Shoot, maybe.

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Top 3 things to get her on Valentines Day
Fall in love with the idea that today. Valentines Day, is for her. This means you must spoil her.
1. Flowers.
This is a given, yet some partner's still fail. This is a day for roses. Stick to red or white roses, and more is better than less. Aim for more than 1 dozen and tell her why she's worth it.
2. A Trip.
Yes!A trip somewhere Romantic. Take her out. Unless you just recently has a baby (which means you would of hired Galaxy Photoz for newborn photography, then there is no reason to be at home.
I bet you thought number three was lingerie. Nope, get her a photo shoot for valentines day. Women, this goes for you too. Get some classy boudoir Photos done for your lover. Boudoir photo shoot requests will be offered for a limited time and you discreetly book under the couples categor.y
simply type boudior in the notes for the photographer
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last year
OMG that video is so cute! What a good valentines day idea! I actually might book a shoot LOL.
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